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First Victorian Porch Luncheon coming in June

By Melissa Schilz, Postmedia Network

Petrolia is hosting their very first Victorian Porch Luncheon in June. Photo provided.

Petrolia is hosting their very first Victorian Porch Luncheon in June. Photo provided.

A new event in Petrolia next month will offer guests a blast from the past.

Petrolia’s very first Victorian Porch Luncheon will be held Saturday, June 10, an event that will celebrate the town’s unique history and heritage.

Guests can expect an elegant and tasteful lunch served on fine china and enjoyed on a Petrolia veranda. Tables will be decorated with lace and floral accents, taking lunch-goers to another era. Some treats to look forward to include freshly baked scones, a Victorian lunch staple.

Downtown business liaison Denise Thibeault said the idea to hold the porch luncheon came from a similar event held in Ridgetown.

“A few of us went to it last summer and really thought that it was something that would be a great fit in Petrolia, being a Victorian oil town,” she said.

Thibeault said they brought the idea forward and pitched it to local groups, looking for partnerships. Plenty showed interest, with the event being sponsored and supported by the Town of Petrolia, Margaret Stokes IODE, the Petrolia Volunteer Business Group, Petrolia Community theatre, the Petrolia Heritage Committee. They also received funding through a grant from the Creative County Fund.

“We’re really dedicated to making this event successful,” Thibeault said.

Local home owners have come forward to offer up their porches across the town. There will be 10 locations that have yet to be disclosed, but Thibeault said guests won’t be disappointed.

Each location will also offer surprise entertainment acts with roaming theatrical troupes, similar to those seen at the Hillsdale Cemetery tour, but shorter.

“You’ll be given a porch to go to a week before the event,” she said. “You’ll be served a nice lunch and entertained by the Petrolia Community Theatre – a little history snippet of the town.”

Thibeault said organizers are selling 100 tickets, and as of May 3 only 50 tickets remain.



When: Saturday June 10

Where: To be disclosed.

Cost: $25. Tickets being sold at The Olde Post Office Gift Shop, 4189 Petrolia Line. Cash or cheque only.