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Unique circus act coming to Petrolia this fall

By Melissa Schilz, Postmedia Network

Watch for the caravans this November! Vague de Cirque is bringing their unique act to Petrolia, combining acrobatics and comedy for all ages. Handout/Postmedia Network

Watch for the caravans this November! Vague de Cirque is bringing their unique act to Petrolia, combining acrobatics and comedy for all ages. Handout/Postmedia Network

The Town of Petrolia are expecting some very special guests in November; Vague de Cirque will be arriving in caravans to perform their unique show inside a big yellow tent.


The show features 10 performers and combines contemporary and classic elements, focusing on clowning and group acts with acrobatics, contortionists and impressive stunts.


Noèmie Gervais and Alain Boudreau first began their career as circus performers traveling across the world, including Europe and Asia. They spent 15 years working with major circus companies, including Cirque du Soleil, performing their hand to hand acts.


After many years of non-stop movement across the globe, they longed to return to Canada permanently and begin a family. But they also wanted to continue performing, just on a smaller scale. In 2009, they established their business venture in their native Quebec, where they are now based just outside Montreal.


“We wanted so much to come back…and we realized there weren’t many shows that would go out of big cities,” Gervais said.


Gervais said there are often interesting and impressive acts that travel to Toronto, Montreal and Vanvouver, but they often leave out the smaller towns. She wanted to change this, making the magical experience of acrobatics and clowning accessible to even those who live in rural areas.


“We wanted to create a circus that would not be too big,” she said, noting that they can fit about 200 people inside the tent to watch performances. “It’s enough to have real circus and real acrobatics in the air.”


Gervais said they have mostly been traveling the East Coast and Quebec to tour their shows, this is only the second year they have traveled to Ontario to perform. They love to travel to smaller towns with populations of about 5000, which keeps the performances rather intimate.


“We really enjoy how close we can get to the people,” she said. “We’re very close to the audience…it’s not something you see every day.”


Gervais said often time people wouldn’t expect acrobats to be funny because they can come off as being rather serious is some cases. But in Vague de Cirque they combine their acting skills with their acrobatic skills.


“What makes us different is we mix acrobatics and humour…our acrobats are also really funny,” she said. “I think it’s very important that people laugh.”


Some of the acts that audiences can expect include acrobatic skipping rope, trapeze, and an array of comedic characters. Gervais said when people think of the circus, they might think it is geared towards children, but Vague de Cirque has entertainment for all ages.


“We have a lot of families, adults and children coming,” she said.


She also said with Canada being such a large country, it isn’t always easy getting from place to place, but being home has been quite the treat for them since returning.


“We drive a lot…and the warm seasons are short,” she said. “But for me it’s really nice, it’s really special.”




When: Two shows are scheduled for November 12

Where: Oil Heritage District Community Centre

Tickets to be available in coming weeks by calling the Victoria Playhouse box office 1-800-717-7694