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May target date for affordable housing

By Melissa Schilz, Postmedia Network

A new affordable housing project is breaking ground this month with plans to have residents move in as early as May 2018.

Ray Dobbin of RMDobbin Enterprises Inc. said their company was involved in work on existing affordable housing located near the Petrolia farmers market built several years ago. When an opportunity came along to apply to construct more units, Dobbin decided to jump on the chance.

“That was kind of where it all came from,” he said.

The eight-unit building is the first phase of a planned four multi-unit residential buildings. So far Petrolia council has approved the application for the building of the first residence.

Dobbin said five of the units in the building will be affordable and geared to income, while the rest will be rented at market values.

Dobbin said the one-floor building will house units of 750 square feet; the affordable units will contain one bedroom, while the market value units will have two bedrooms.

During last Monday’s council meeting, Coun. Mary-Pat Gleeson expressed excitement over the planned work in the community and how it correlates to current discussion over Petrolia’s health care village.

“We’re in the middle of creating a safe and healthy community, so this is great,” she said.

Dobbin said they are just waiting on getting a building permit, with plans to break ground on Oct. 10 for underground servicing and Oct. 16 for the building itself.

“We’re hoping to have occupancy by the end of May next year,” he said.

Dobbin said the units will be located just behind the farmer’s market downtown, close to Petrolia’s amenities, including the hospital and community centre, making it an ideal and desirable location.