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YMCA consulting Warwick in Community Hall plans

By Melissa Schilz, Postmedia Network

Warwick township has approved a proposal from the YMCA of Sarnia-Lambton to offer community development services in their quest to build a community hall in Watford.


Administrator Amanda Gubbels said the YMCA is acting as a consultant for the township, and they are set to complete a community needs assessment and a pre-architectural development plan at a cost of $7,058.


“They will complete a telephone survey with local residents and do a lot of demographic research on what could be used in a facility…prices they would be willing to pay, that kind of thing,” Gubbels said. “The second part is using that research to inform a pre-architectural plan.”


Warwick has been consulting with the YMCA throughout the entire process, which began in 2017. Gubbels said council has been keeping the YMCA up to date on architectural designs recently provided by two firms.


“We’ve just been working as a staff team together to draw on their experience and expertise,” she said. “They’ve been very helpful.”


Gubbels said from last year’s survey of residents, it was concluded that a portion of the population was keen on seeing a fitness facility included in the build of a new community hall.


“This is what the community needs assessment will assist us in determining,” she said. “Council hasn’t made a decision on the design and inclusions in the facility yet, but the hope is that the information from this study will help guide those decisions.”


At this time, nothing has been formally approved, but Gubbels said the YMCA joint model is being considered by council.