Adam Monteiro and Ashley Marsden are shifting focus to weightlifting and personal training at Evolution Studio in Petrolia. Melissa Schilz/Postmedia Network

Evolution Studios offers tailored programs

When it comes to diet and fitness, Adam Monteiro and Ashley Marsden aren’t signing up for any fad diets or quick fixes. To change your body means changing your lifestyle, and Monteiro said weightlifting and healthy eating is a big part of that.

A little math can add up

When I was little, my dad used to sit my two sisters and me at the kitchen table and play the Smarties game. He would ask us questions and we’d get a Smartie when we got one right. When we got one wrong, he’d get a Smartie — or two or three. The Smarties game taught me my times tables and combined two loves that shaped my life: math and chocolate.

Unless you are an elite athlete, a drink from the tap is all you need, experts say. (Grant Black/Postmedia News files)

Sports drink or water-what's best for a workout?

Starting as an experiment run from the sidelines of the University of Florida football field 50 years ago, sports drinks have developed into a billion dollar business with everyone from pro athletes to weekend warriors counting on the unique combination of water, carbohydrates and electrolytes to keep them hydrated and energized while working up a

Kids at the riding camp practise their grooming skills on Blue, one of the older horses who has been retired for a few years now. Melissa Schilz/Postmedia Network

Riding camp gives kids a confidence boost

Four dogs, two goats, three pigs, two bunnies and over a dozen horses; these are just some of the animals that roam the grounds of Rokeby Stables, sniffing the legs of visitors and sharing sloppy kisses on outstretched hands.