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Mothers at Queens Park Demand protection for their children from wind turibne emissions.

Linda Rogers

By Linda Rogers

Queens Park, Toronto. April 18 2013

Mothers at Queens Park Demand Protection for their Children from Wind Turbine Emissions

Mothers, Grandmothers and their children travelled to Queens Park on April 18th to demand protection for their children from wind turbine emissions.
The determined group of parents were there to demand a meeting with Premier Wynne. The purpose was to give further notice to the Provincial government that their communities are not willing hosts to wind projects but, even more importantly it was to deliver the message that they do not consent to their children being exposed to wind turbine emissions. Supporting documents accompanied their letter with supporting evidence that human health can be harmed from the turbines.

Even with advance notice and email correspondence of the delegations intent to bring this information to the Premier, no one in the Premier’s office was available to accept the letter from the mothers. MPP Toby Barrett of Haldimand Norfolk responded to the request from one of his constituents to accept the documents with the promise to hand delivered them to the Premier himself at a meeting scheduled for later in the day.

(The following link is a You Tube video of the Mothers at Queens Park. Please let me know if you require any further information. References and citations are available to demonstrate the harm to human health from wind turbines and can be provided upon request. The attached photographs and video were taken and created by me and are available for unconditional use with my permission. DSCN2237 is Shellie Correia and her son Joey, DSCN2240 Toby Barrett MPP Haldimand Norfolk and the concerned mothers & grandmothers)

Thanking you in advance.

youtube.xxx /watch?v=dCHBWnGlkD0


Linda J Rogers

Contact information for Shellie:
Shellie Correia
905 386-0765

1 Letter to Kathleen Wynne April 18, 3013
Kathleen Wynne, Premier Legislative Building Queen's Park Toronto ON M7A 1A1 premier@ontario.ca April 18, 2013 Dear Premier Wynne: I am writing this letter on behalf of concerned mothers of special needs children everywhere in rural Ontario. This past December, before you were elected the leader of your party, I sat beside you at a meeting, in a woman`s home in Glanbrook. I handed to you directly a copy of a letter from my son's specialist, stating the immeasurable harm that would be done to Joey, if forced to live in his home, with a 3mW, 600ft. turbine just 550m away in the Niagara Region Wind Corp. project. We clearly showed you, and indeed proved to you, that you would be doing great harm, if you allowed the wind turbines to operate our community. You assured us that our concerns would be looked after....our ‘voices would be heard’. If you heard our voices, then it is unconscionable for you to continue to pose this serious risk of harm to us and to our children. At that time I told you that if after all the work I had done, bringing the truth to light, these turbines were not stopped; you and I would need to speak again. So here I am at Queen’s Park in your backyard. This time, I have an even greater mountain of information that continues to be published documenting the numerous negative effects that come with the proliferation of industrial-scale wind turbines. Last week during Question Period I heard your latest reason for exposing Ontario families to the risks of harm from wind turbine installations. You said it is to help the people with respiratory problems. There are two problems with this statement: 1. It is immoral to harm one segment of the population, in order to appease another. Many of the children in rural Ontario are already coping with issues, such as autism, ADHD, sensory issues and a long list of other ailments. 2. There is no peer-reviewed evidence that the air quality in Ontario is having a direct negative effect on the health of children. Several doctors and health ...

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